Decor Ideas

with wall sayings

Bedroom décor ideas start with a bed that says “Southwestern style.” Select a bed frame with a massive solid wood or hand carved knotty pinewood headboard, footboard and sideboards. Top the bed off with a Navajo Indian print blanket and comforter. You’ll find an assortment of color options and you’ll know at a glance the print that will match your bedroom décor. Bedroom floors are best left bare using varnished wide wood planks. To keep feet warm on cool desert nights, throw a few area rugs or even some smaller wool blankets over the wood floor. Again, select a rug or blanket with a Navajo print or other Southwestern theme in a color scheme that matches the rest of your bedroom décor.

Finding furniture to match the look of your southwestern bed frame won’t be difficult. Night tables, armoires, a chest of drawers, and a chest for storing extra blankets at the foot of the bed complete the furniture requirements. Some other bedroom décor ideas include a ceramic lamp with an animal skin lampshade to place on the nightstand. Find Southwestern inspired statues to place on dressers, and the same type of prints for hanging on walls. Add a splash of color by placing terra cotta planters filled with blooming cacti plants around the bedroom.

-Custom wall lettering is easiest way to make a unique statement in your southwestern-styled room
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